National Mall, 2005

The National Mall.  When some people hear the name, they think it’s a mall, like one you go shopping in for clothes and stuff.  Not so much…  It’s more like a giant grassy area that connects the Capitol, Washington Monument, and the Smithsonian.  So, it’s kind of awesome.

I have been lucky to have gone to the Mall on a number of occasions during my various trips to DC, starting with my first trip in 1995.  This collection of pictures, however, starts in 2005, when I went to visit my friend during my sophomore year of college.  The Mall is covers a rather large area, which makes it terrific for runs (my lap from E down 9th and around 12th and back is great!) and picnics and any other sort of gathering.  It’s very pretty at night as well, although I haven’t yet been able to adequately capture that beauty.

Well, without further ado, I present the National Mall!

Smithsonian Castle and Washington Monument, 2012

Smithsonian seen from the Mall, 2005

Dawn before the Inauguration, 2009

Me, the Mall, and the space shuttle Discovery (next, find Waldo!), 2012