I’ve written before about food trucks, namely my favorites in Philly and DC. I haven’t yet written about my favorite Philly cupcake truck, Buttercream Philly, but what I know about the woman who runs it is she used to be a lawyer who got tired of her day job and quit to open up her truck. As someone who has known her fair share of lawyers, I could probably understand the impulse to wave goodbye to a corporate law job (aka Big Law). So, this article about starting a food truck caught my eye. (The author, Aviva Shen, even mentioned Buttercream!)

It mostly talks about lawyers and others with similarly demanding jobs who switch professions. Although for every success story there’s probably 50 or more who didn’t make it, it is the American dream to make it big, even if you’re not coming from nothing. Or maybe it’s the new American dream, to make a living doing something you love? Either way, it’s hard to look at these success stories without wanting to give it a go. Even the boyfriend has toyed with the idea in the past of opening some sort of business, bubble tea in particular. Well, we’ll see what happens once I get a lucrative enough career…

Have you ever dreamt of changing your career mid-stream? If so, what would you do?