I have been back in the US for almost two weeks now, but of course, I have been as busy as humanly possible.  First was the birthday, then the two visitors, then the academic work I’ve been putting off for a few weeks.  So I’ve barely been able to go through my 500 pictures, much less put them online.  However, there’s no time like the present, so I thought I’d start off the process by posting a picture of the distance I was from the US.

After our great hike in the Golan Heights, we went to a look-out point and I found this obligatory signpost which tells you how far you are from various locations.  Seeing DC, I figured it would be necessary to show the boyfriend exactly how far away I was from him.  Of course, he’ll have to do the conversion from kilometers to miles himself.

Anyway, here I am in Israel!

Hopefully more pictures will be coming soon.  I could cover a room with the number pictures I took of Masada at sunrise…  Until next time!