I think it’s no secret that I love food.  Really love food.  Just take a gander at my post on Route 66, or Peruvian food (and again), or perhaps my adventure making beignets.  Looking at all that food is making me hungry…  Well, to satisfy your cravings for food, I’m going to spend the next week posting about all the food I ate in Israel, starting with today.  As this is just a picture of the day, I had to pick one food to kick off this week of food and it was a tough choice.  Do I pick shwarma and falafel, the food I ate most often on the trip?  Or perhaps the beautiful braided challah I bought in Jerusalem?

Nope, I’m starting off on the fresh produce side, specifically with a fruit the Israelis called “shesek.”  When asked for a translation, not even our tour guide, who grew up in America, could tell us the English name.  And for good reason, as it probably doesn’t make it as far as America.  When I looked it up on the interwebs, I found that it is actually called a “loquat” and is originally from central China, but must have been brought over to Israel at some point.  They’re about the size of an apricot, maybe a little bigger and definitely a whole lot better.  They were incredibly sweet and juicy and, according to our Israelis, have an extremely short season and we were incredibly lucky to get them.  Now, for your viewing pleasure, a “shesek” or “loquat”:

So good…  Well, keep an eye out this weekend for a bigger food post!