This is a part of my food week, where I’m writing about the food I was lucky enough to have in Israel.  For my previous entries, visit my post about the “shesek” and my post on things that come in pitas.  

Today I am taking a short detour away from savory and into the territory of sweet things.  In other words, treats made in bakeries.  When I was in Jerusalem, I got a chance to have some of these delectable Israeli items, starting with the most iconic of Jewish food, the challah.  I got this beautiful round, braided challah hours before shabbat in the Jerusalem market.  Doesn’t it look delicious?  A little sticky, but I feel like all the best challahs should be.

This challah actually has a pretty funny backstory.  I was looking at the challah selection at one bakery, not entirely content with what they had when I overheard a couple of people talking in English about where the best bakery was.  Turns out it was some guy who had asked an orthodox Jew (who strangely enough spoke with a British accent) where to find the best challah and I asked if I could tag along, as I was in search of the same thing.  So, after bobbing and weaving through the market a bit, we come across this old bakery and the British accent guy points out the different types of challah they had: whole wheat, sweet, savory, etc.  I went with this one because it looked pretty and wasn’t too overpriced.

Next, I had to laugh when I saw a sign for bagels in the Old City in Jerusalem, but I immediately knew I would have to have one myself.  So, I got sesame with cream cheese and lox for first lunch and I was very happy with my selection.

Not sure how I got that picture before starting to eat…

And finally, a little piece of our shabbat stuff-your-face party.  We were all told to get something to share with the group in the Jerusalem market (hence an entire challah, I didn’t eat it myself).  That’s what’s in the small picture at the beginning of this post, a shot of the entire table of food.  Anyway, for this activity, someone got what I think is a variation of baklava.  Regardless, it was delicious and I got a picture.

Well, that’s all the baked goods from my trip.  Get ready for Thursday’s picture of the day, where I showcase an entire feast I had in the desert…