20120531-135000.jpgThis is a part of my food week, where I’m writing about the food I was lucky enough to have in Israel.  For my previous entries, visit my post about the “shesek” and things that come in pitas, and baked goods.

Today’s picture of the day is from my recent trip to Israel. Each group that goes on my trip spends a night in a Beduin tent, but only after riding a camel and eating a “traditional” Bedouin meal. This was ours.

What you see in this picture is our “table,” a metal tray with something like lovash, a couple of sides, and a big bowl with rice, chicken, potatoes, and other things (maybe an egg snuck in?). We spent the meal sitting on the floor of a tent (it was us, a blanket, then sand) eating with our hands and a bit of plastic silverware.  It was a bit challenging, since we had not yet eaten a real family-style meal previous to this (a lot of  buffets and pitas), but I think my group did admirably.

You can tell two things by the fact this is my last picture of the meal. First, it was delicious and I couldn’t take a second to do something as fast as take a picture. And second, my hands were so covered in rice and hummus and lovash and everything else by the end that I didn’t even want to try picking up my camera to take a picture.

Needless to say, this was a delicious meal and the beginning to a wonderful night of bonfires and merriment. Tune in next time for my final installment, where I give you a little taste of the Israeli candy I tried along the way.