This is the last part of my food week, where I’m writing about the food I was lucky enough to have in Israel.  For my previous entries, visit my post about the “shesek”things that come in pitas, baked goods, and a Beduin feast.

Today is the final segment in my week of Israeli food. Well, technically I think this makes it more than 7 days, but just go with it… Anyway, today’s post is about one of my favorite things: candy. I already showed you some of the delicious baked goods I consumed, but here’s some good, old-fashioned, chocolate-covered, brightly-packaged candy for you too.

First, we have something people around the world may already recognize. That’s right, it’s an Israeli kit-kat bar. Well, technically it’s pronounced “kif-keyf,” but believe me when I say it was 100% kit-kat.

Next is a funny wrapper I came across at an Israeli gas station. In this picture, just looks like a normal candy bar. Nothing funny, except I had no idea what “gold” would refer to.

But, when I took it back on the bus, I saw a couple of punctuation marks I had previously overlooked. That’s right, Magnum Gold?!

Finally, we have one last type of candy, something you definitely would never find in the US. My friend had told me about this before I left, but I hadn’t quite believed her. From the outside, it looks pretty innocuous, minus the apparent explosions on the front. However, inside is milk chocolate with pop rocks! It’s a very weird sensation to leave it on your tongue to melt and all of a sudden your mouth is popping… But delicious.


Well, that’s all the candy I have to share for today, and all the pictures of Israeli food I have to share. Keep an eye out for more posts about Israel, since I have about 500 pictures from 10 days of travel and therefore have a lot more to show you all.