This past week, I decided to finally use the sewing machine my mom had brought for me from Chicago.  It took a long trip and I had a lot of need for it, so it was time.  This was the second time I had attempted to use a sewing machine – the first was the lining of the crossword bag I made some time back.  That time I used a combination of youtube videos and an actual sewing machine manual to figure out exactly how the machine worked.  Then I got to the Bits of Thread sewing studio and was shown to an entirely different machine.  But I guess you have to go with what you’ve got…  And with a little help, I did eventually sew that up.

This time, I had the actual manual and the internet at my fingertips while I was threading the machine.  It still took about half an hour to do.  Needless to say, I did not take the thread out of the machine afterwards…

I had two projects this time – a dress to alter and a dress to fix.  The first was a dress that had fit amazingly well and was awesome, except for the night when almost every button came off the back…  What it needed was a sewed-up back, so that’s what I did:

The bit I sewed is to the right of the buttons, a few millimeters from the edge.

The second was a dress whose straps had seen better days.  In fact, by the time I decided this needed to be fixed, the straps were in shreds.

So, the only option was to entirely change the straps.  I actually used the same material I had used for the handles on the crossword bag a while back.  But since these needed to stand up a little better, I decided a sewing machine would do a much better job than I could do freehand.  And I was right.

Well, those are the first projects I attempted on my new sewing machine and I have to say this worked like a charm.  I especially liked the little light on the machine.  Well, hopefully look for some more sewing projects in the future!