To all the fathers out there: Happy Father’s Day!  Today’s post is dedicated to dear old Dad, who loves hiking and the outdoors.  Like you can see in the picture below from some years ago:

So, in honor of him, I will be posting about one of the coolest things I got to do in Israel: climb around in the Hirbet Midras caves.

I’ll start with a little bit of fractured history. What generally happened is that there was some unrest and someone came into this area and tried to either kick the Jews out or get them to convert.  I think that’s the basis of every story about the Jews…  Anyway, during this particular incident, the Jewish rebels took underground cellars that were already partially connected and made them into a series of tunnels.  That way they could hide and get anywhere and the other side would have no idea where they are or how they got around.

Basically, it’s all I can remember our tour guide saying and I can’t find this history online.

Regardless, what I do remember is how cool it was to go crawling around in these caves.  Flashlights were very necessary and the small spaces meant I didn’t have long in each area to take pictures.  However, I managed to get a few snapshots anyway.

At one point, our whole group ended up in this one room with little cubby holes.  It was explained to us that like other ancient spaces like this with holes cut into the wall, this was likely where they kept pigeons, maybe for sending messages but mostly to eat.  Yum.

This is where the tunnel let out and a tree was majestically growing there.  It was a beautiful view.

However, before we leave, one last picture of me exiting one of the tunnels into the pigeon room:

Happy Father’s Day (especially to you, Dad)!