I probably should have written this post during the French Open a few weeks ago (it ended June 10), but better late than never.  Let me start out by saying I am a big tennis fan.  I’ve played since I got my first tiny pink racket at age 5 and even played on a team in high school.  So, when I was in Paris in 2010 and found out I had finally made it to Paris during the French Open, I had to go.

Then I found out the French Open is kind of expensive to attend.  So I got us tickets to the qualifying rounds for an entire day at the Roland Garros.  The Roland Garros, by the way, is the name of the place they have the tournament at, which is I guess named after a famous French aviator.  Who’d have known?  Anyway, the French Open is one of the main four Grand Slam tennis matches, alongside Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open, but the French Open is the only one played on clay courts.  Having played on clay myself, I have to say it is different and you have to get used to the ball not bouncing as high.  Plus you have to watch out not to slip on the sand they put on top of the courts…

Anyway, here are some pictures of me and the boyfriend at the Roland Garros and some matches I was lucky enough to see (even one with an American playing).  Enjoy!

On the metro, on our way to the stadium.

Us watching some tennis!  It started getting a little hot outside…

Getting ready for a shot.

The referee, lounging in his high chair.


I wouldn’t mind it if I had a kid holding an umbrella for me… Mind you, these are coveted volunteer positions for these ball kids.

Us with the Roland Garros sign.