For those who have read my blog for a while, I want to first say sorry for the long absence!  I was quite busy, then I was in celebratory mood, all the while watching a lot of tv and cooking.  So much so that I have decided to add a new segment to my Fridays…  Well, you’ll all have to wait and see.  Anyway, I hope that some completed knitting projects will be enough to atone for my long absence.  Enjoy some crafty knitted goodness while I run off to ceramics!

Today’s post highlights some projects I have finished recently. Last week, a little baby boy joined my boyfriend’s sister’s family. He is adorable! Look at how cute he is!

Ok, I’m there too, but look how tiny he is! For this new little baby, I decided to scale down my usual projects and make him a couple of hats, since I’ve heard babies need them, even in the middle of summer. So I made a few…  The first two were made with single yarn patterns.

The red and white one was this one, which uses fingering or sock yarn.  I had that yarn around for years in the hopes a pair of glittens would emerge, but I’ve had no such luck, so I’m glad it was finally put to good use.  It’s so soft!   The second is a variation on this one, was is absolutely the cutest hat I’ve seen ever!  But I was away and only had one color of yarn, so it looks more like a hat then a berry.

However, I decided I wasn’t done after these two, so I made a couple more hats that look more like berries than hats!


The blue one is for the new baby boy and the red one for his sister.  The bigger one is unfortunately a little small on the two-year-old, but hopefully her little brother will grow into it one day!  They are both pretty darn cute and hopefully I’ll see them on the little ones sometime soon.  Well, until next time…