Today’s picture comes from the most recent Fourth of July.  I have not always been so lucky to be in the US for the Fourth.  Well, I guess that means I’ve been lucky to be out of the country on the Fourth, so I guess it depends on how you look at it.  Anyway, I felt particularly lucky to be in Washington DC this Independence Day and had an amazing view from the boyfriend’s workplace to see the fireworks.  See, he “works” for the government (I put works in quotes because technically it’s a fellowship and he’s not a federal employee) and his work allowed us to go onto its balcony to get one of the most amazing views of the fireworks I have ever had the opportunity of seeing.  Something about it being right next to the Washington Monument made it that much more amazing.  Anyway, above is one of the pictures I got of the fireworks show.

By the way, as this is published I am currently on my way to Portland, so keep an eye out for future posts about what is shaping up to be an awesome trip.