For those who have read through my posts (particularly this one), it should not come as a shock that I’m a fan of lemurs. Or that I like knitting small stuffed animals for the children in my life. Or for myself… Anyway, as the boyfriend has a brand new little nephew (who is the cutest thing since the 2-year-old big sister), I decided it was time to make him a little something. After looking through all the stuffed animals on ravelry (I’m not exaggerating), I came to the conclusion that the perfect stuffed animal would be a monkey and, considering my history with lemurs, this lemur would be a perfect addition to the family. For those who knit and might not be on ravelry (or are having issues with clicking through to the pattern), here is the pattern.

I really like knitting in the round, but thought remastering it for that purpose would get a little tricky, so I knit the whole thing in pieces and used the mattress stitch to put them together, as suggested. If I did this again, I would try my hand at knitting in the round after all because I am really not good at lining things up, I have found. Anyway, the actual knitting itself isn’t that hard, once you get beyond the slightly different British knitting terms (stocking stitch vs. stockinette stitch, etc.).

For size reference, that is a small coaster near its tail.

At the moment, this little lemur is all in pieces – it makes me feel a little like Dr. Frankenstein, more so than in other projects. But soon he will be done and with his new little owner!

That would be the little sleeping one, not his uncle, the big smiling one.