So, I love taking Amtrak.  I do.  It may be a bit expensive, and only recently did they add wifi to its service, but trains are so nice when you’re going a few hours.  And despite the fact that they are always quite full, they don’t seem to be doing well financially.  Oh well, I say, chalk it up to the American addiction to cars.

This is me all ready to hear about Amtrak’s woes.

Then I read this article about the food service they offer in their Cafe Car.  They sell horrible, overpriced food for those poor folks who didn’t think to buy something at the station ahead of time or bring something from home.  But I figured that, like stadium concession stands, they at least made a profit.  Not so – they lose about $80 million a year!  And my favorite part is what most of the losses are: employees pocketing part of the cash.

Really?  Come on, Amtrak…

Yes, that’s right, Amtrak is so lax they don’t actually account for their sales and supplies lining up.  Come on, this is just common sense!  I guess they’re not paying their employees quite enough money, because they regularly steal from their business.  Well, here’s hoping they get rid of this leech on their business so my ticket price might actually go down instead of up…

These pictures are from the train from Rome to Florence on my trip to Europe in 2006.  Go see more at my travel posts page.