Note: This week I am starting a new weekly post I’m calling “Foodie Fridays.” Basically, I love food so much, both making it and eating it, so I figure it should have its own day of the week! Well, at least it makes sense to me… Well, without further ado, the first installment of Foodie Fridays.

Welcome to Portland, Oregon, where the beer is microbrewed and the food trucks are always open. On our recent trip to this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest, I was lucky to have been recommended a certain bar for their short but delightful happy hour. Noble Rot, in the Kerns area, is a nice little restaurant on the fourth floor of a building with one of the greatest views in Portland.  We attempted to go there our first night, but ended up at Nightlight instead, where we got the cheapest beer and food around.  But back to Noble Rot…

This bar on top of the world had a great happy hour (literally an hour – 5 to 6) and we took full advantage: drinks, snacks, and an actual meal.  Here’s some great shots from the happiest hour in Portland.  If you’re ever in Portland and are looking for drinks and upscale bar food, look no further than Noble Rot.

One happy boyfriend.


Our fellow diners and the view from the top of the world.


Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. (In the front is mac and cheese, in case you were wondering.)


And one more picture of the view, for good measure.