Two glorious words, two times of year. I’m talking about that wonderful time when frugal foodies take over the fancy restaurants and get a deal on some upscale food. That’s right, restaurant week. This year in DC I decided to do it right and go to all those delicious restaurants I had heard so much about over the last year, at least the ones that didn’t come out with a livingsocial deal… So in this first installment, I’ll give you a peak into the first two restaurants I visited.

The first is a restaurant that is not special to DC, but probably gave us the best restaurant week deal: Fogo de Chão. I’m not sure how many of your have heard of it (or restaurants like it), but Fogo is an unlimited meal of Brazilian meats, served “gaucho style.” which more or less means men walking around with huge cuts of meat and artfully cutting you off a piece. So good…


When I was a vegetarian years ago, the boyfriend would joke that he’d never take me there, no matter how good their unlimited salad bar is, because it would be wasted on me. But I’m sad to say he was right. Just look at the picture above. Man, so good… I’m sorry to say I was so busy eating that that was the only picture I managed to take. But believe me when I say: yum.


The next food haven we went to was Rasika, an upscale Indian restaurant. The boyfriend was skeptical of “upscale Indian,” but one bite into the palak chaat and he was sold.



Our dessert was a chocolate samosa, which was basically two mini chocolate croissants. Not that I’m complaining…



That’s it for Fogo de Chão and Rasika, but stay tuned for some more restaurant week goodness.