There are a lot of hidden treasures in DC (or just outside the city) and on this rainy day in DC I thought of share one I was lucky to visit a few months ago: the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. First, a little bit of history (since I know someone who read a book about the Anacostia River): the river used to be swamplands but with the rise of boating, the Army Corps took it all out and made it into waterways wide enough for a boat to navigate.

Well, all except for this place.


The Kenilworth gardens were privately owned and given to the government with a few restrictions – that they couldn’t ruin this national treasure and dig it all up it or fill it in. And they had to keep it open to the public. Today it is free to visit, if a little out of the way. So one day we took a drive and took a look ourselves. Enjoy some of the pictures I took.