Today’s craft is my latest in a series of knit stiffed animals. You can see my elephant and my almost-complete lemur in the archives. But today is a little pig. Well two little pigs: one is soft and smushy while the other is bouncy. I used this pattern by Susan B. Anderson on her blog Spud and Chloë (which I found on Ravelry). If the type of animal looks a little familiar, she also designed this elephant. She recommended using a bouncy ball, but initially I had none. Plus the 2-year-old I was making this for would have probably preferred something soft and smushy instead, so I just stuffed it with stuffing from a pillow (great tip I got from the ladies at Looped DC). The second pig I made used a bouncy ball I bought from a toy store in Portland, Oregon.

Here’s the first pig, first in pieces, then in full. A few tips: use light pink yarn to tie the ear pieces together, but the dark pink for putting the nose on. Also, I used a single string of black yarn for the features, then tied them together and pushed them into the the pig.

And the little birthday girl herself!

Then, as an addendum, I finished the second pig. I changed a few things (and had a little more difficulty with the black yarn since there’s a bouncy ball inside), but I thought it turned out pretty cute, too.