This weekend’s post is a blast from the past.  I was looking through my pictures for something fun and nostalgic, and I found all the old pictures from my exchange in Strasbourg, France, in 2003.  This was high school and looking at it now I am quite a bit younger…  I did a post on this a little while back with a few pictures, but I thought I’d add a little bit to it, mostly the types of activities we did there.  If you’d like to compare it to a slightly more recent look at Strasbourg (from 2007), look at my post here about when I took a trip during my study abroad.

So the first strange experience I had during my study abroad was a concert, all in French.  Well, he sang “Blue Suade Shoes,” but that was the only exception, so I didn’t really understand much…  But it was for Johnny Hallyday, who is a well-known French singer with one very strangely spelled last name.  If you want to hear what he’s like, here’s one of his most famous songs Marie, which came out about the time I was there.  Anyway, here’s a glamour shot of the stage and Johnny on a million screens at once.


Next, the big thing to do in Strasbourg if you are into politics is to visit the European Parliament, which is exactly what our group of American high schoolers did.  Here’s me and my friend outside of the Parliament (sidenote: I look so young!).



Since Strasbourg has a significantly-sized river running through it, a trip wouldn’t be complete without a boat ride around the place.  Here’s some friends we made on the boat, who were ironically enough from Schaumburg, Illinois.



And finally, we have a beautiful view from the top of a mountain, right behind a castle.  Because castles just happen everywhere in France…



Well, that’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed my incredibly old pictures of Strasbourg (all of which were taken on a disposable camera).