When you think of brunch you probably think of the old standards: French toast, eggs, pancakes, maybe hash browns. Maybe even chicken and waffles if you’re from some areas of the U.S.

So when I went to Sticky Rice in Northeast DC with some friends a few weeks ago, I was expecting something that wasn’t too different. Boy was I off. I decided to get the chicken sushi and waffles, for something a little different.



It ended up being waffles, sliced and stood up between pieces of sushi with avocado and chicken slices fried in tempura, wrapped with soy wrappers and rice. Oh, and topped with bits of bacon. It took me a little off-guard, but it ended up being absolutely delicious, even dipped in the honey fish sauce! I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants something a little different for brunch, but I think I’ll be going back to my French toast and eggs…

But before you go, look at this beautiful bucket of tater tots! I’m so glad this is a thing at restaurants now…