Today’s post is from a brunch place in DC that’s really an open secret at this point: the Tabard Inn. An actual running hotel, the Tabard Inn’s restaurant serves dinner during the week, but on the weekends has two morning meals: breakfast and brunch. I unknowingly ate their breakfast a few months ago when my parents were in town and I thought I had secured an impossible brunch reservation – but brunch reservations are much more elusive than that. Anyway, I picked the right time this time (aka when all of DC leaves in August) and snagged a 3-person brunch reservation.

I had been told that the donuts were incredible, do of course we got three and devoured them. I’m glad we didn’t order more because my meal came and I was physically unable to finish it. Grits with pork belly, poached eggs, and fried oysters – yum!

Also good was my friend’s breakfast, which came with Toulouse-style sausage. I’m still not sure what they meant by that, but I’m not complaining because it was absolutely delicious. Well, until the next Foodie Friday…