As I write this, I am on a plane to Chicago to start off my month-long trip to central Illinois to conduct research. But I thought I’d share a little bit of travel preparation that I’ve always done and didn’t know other people did: saving my magazines for the plane. In fact, this article on Apartment Therapy talks about just this strange habit!

I never really have the time to do things like read my magazines on a regular basis (Cosmo, Smithsonian, and Ceramics Monthly, if you were wondering…). And I also like to read books, which leaves me even less time for my mags. At the airport, I always want to buy a magazine because they’re all shiny and pretty, and despite the fact that I get 3 subscriptions that I barely read. So, before every trip, I gather up my unread magazines and stuff them in my bag. And, as a way to make my bag lighter on the way back, I offer them to my hosts (or sister, as is usually the case).

Anyway, what about you, fellow travelers – do you save magazines for travel? Or can you not wait that long and need to read them right away? At least now I know that it’s not just me…