20120928-134924.jpgHappy Friday everyone! This month, I’m going to be in central Illinois doing research, so most of my posts will be from Illinois (mostly Chicago and Springfield, probably). Anyway, I thought I’d reboot my Foodie Fridays with the place I went for lunch today in Evanston. My parents are in the process of selling a building passed down to them from my grandpa, so they’ve had a lot of time to kill in Evanston lately. A LOT of time. So, because they are my parents and love food just about as much as I do, they had to find a good nearby place to get lunch while they were waiting for contractors, lawyers, buyers, etc. So one day they came across this place, Bat 17. Well, knowing my parents, my dad probably found it on Yelp. But I digress…

Anyway, this afternoon when we were in the area, my parents brought me with them and I had a very nice meal. And the tallest sandwich of the bunch… Which was the California dreaming sandwich: turkey, avocado, tomatoes, and a bunch of other things:

Plus I got their potato salad, which I was warned was spicy. And it was, but totally delicious too.

My dad got the “double deuce,” a deadly combination of pastrami and corned beef:

Of course, what I really took a picture of was the basket of fries that came with. So good, and so cute! My mom also got those, but with a turkey reuben. Mmm…

Anyway, I’d you’re ever in Evanston and want a truly gigantic sandwich (no one finished more than half of the regular size), hit up Bat 17! They also have a large selection of hot sauces and beer, which are probably both delicious in their own ways.