Today’s post is from an awesome recent weekend in Chicago. Not only did I have a very gracious host who showed us an awesome time (that country bar was something else), but I had an unexpected adventure downtown thanks to another friend who let us in on a great weekend activity. The Chicago Architecture Foundation had their second annual Open Housewhere the interiors many of the architectural marvels in Chicago are on display to the public. We didn’t go downtown until about 2 or 3, so we missed a lot because of long lines. But we did get to see at least a few buildings before it ended at 5. The Jewelers Building at 35 East Wacker had an incredibly long line, so we went across the street to the Christian Scientist church. When the Google building wasn’t letting anyone else in for tours, we made our way over to he Tribune Tower. And we were not disappointed.

The tour wasn’t long, but we got to see a lot. The lobby was gorgeous, but the coolest part was the executive floor (the 27th, I think?).

Map made out of retired money.

The two offices are not on the highest floor, but the last full sized floor, as they get smaller and smaller the farther you get up. The two offices not only had fantastic views, but we got a little bit into the thinking of these guys. First example: a small staircase hidden in the back of a closet going over the the office to the stairs on the other side of the building, giving them an escape route.  Paranoid much?


Then one of the execs (McCormick?) had a room with hidden doors with no handles, where he literally pushed a button to open the door.  So, people would be leaving and be totally confused.  Yeah.  Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures from the exec offices.



Nice view, huh?  Hope you enjoyed the Tribune Tower tour, I know I did!  And I totally recommend the Chicago Architecture Foundation Open House if you’re in the area next October.  Everything is free, but if you’re willing to shell out for a membership, you get to skip the lines (we would have gotten into the Jewelers Building that way).  See you next time!