Hey everyone!

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus I’ve found myself on for the last month.  There has been a lot going on in life, but fear not, that also includes some new travel!  I went to Chicago over Thanksgiving, which happens every year but is always fun, then last week me and the boyfriend went to Argentina!  It’s been a longtime dream of his to go to Buenos Aires, especially since his sister went there almost 5 years ago and told him just how awesome it is.  So, since I got to choose Peru a year and a half ago, he chose this city.

So you know what that means…  New posts!  New pictures!  New foods!  So get ready for some new content in the coming weeks while I hang out on the East Coast for the holidays.

While you wait until my first post on Thursday (with bated breath, I’m sure), here’s a picture to hold you over.  It’s of the Obelisco on the big avenue 9 de Julio that the boyfriend took on his run one day.  Enjoy, and get ready for more pictures soon!