This picture of the day comes from my (very) recent trip to Buenos Aires.  We did some awesome things, like seeing tango, but one of the coolest adventures we had was a local football (soccer) game.  We tried to discern if it was the finals or semi-finals or whatever, and after many questions to many different people, we finally came to the conclusion that it was possibly the final match of the season for Lanús, who were almost tied in match points with another team and could have played them once more if they won this game, but definitely the last game for River Plate.  Of course, we rooted for the home team – River plate.  And it’s a good thing we did, because we were surrounded by River Plate fans…  Well, here’s a picture of me with the River Plate fans, enjoying the game post-shower.  That’s right, it was so hot out that they took out the fire hose and soaked everyone.  Once I find a picture of that, I’ll put that up, too…

Without further ado, me and the River Plate fans!

River Plate!