20121214-105251.jpgFor the inaugural post on food in Argentina, I wrestled a bit on what I should write about. Shouldn’t it be a full steak dinner?  Steak is the iconic Argentinian food, after all. And there is steak in this post, don’t you worry….  But I thought that I should really include a meal that was a unique experience I had in Buenos Aires.  And that “unique experience” is boar.


He is so happy for boar!

We went to a restaurant called La Brigada, in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires.  We also passed by a protest on the way there, but that’s not a part of the boar deliciousness…  Anyway, we showed up at La Brigada at 9pm, which is pretty much Early Bird Special time in Argentina (there were about 3 tables taken when we got there, and it was filling up a bit by the time we left at 10pm).  We were shown to a table on the upper floor, which was decorated with soccer memorabilia (which you can kind of see in the background of these pictures of the boyfriend.


The ceremonial eating of the boar sausage.

So here we are, after all these teasing, the boar sausage.


Boar sausage!

Mmm, boar dreams commence…  We also had salads because literally everything was meat, meat, and more meat!  Well, except for the mushrooms that were in the sauce of the steak, which felt kind of like dessert after the boar sausage.


Steak with mushroom sauce (or steak just literally covered in mushrooms).

Oh, and I had pork, which was translated on the menu as pork chops.  But these are obviously not pork chops…  Pork ribs maybe?  They were pretty yummy either way.


And that brings us to the end of the delicious, delicious meal of boar and steaks.  Come back this weekend for another post on Buenos Aires!