Welcome back everyone from the long Christmas weekend!  I hope you ate lots of goodies and opened many presents and are relaxed, as the holidays should make you.  During my Christmas weekend, I got a set of digitized old family pictures from my mom dating back to 1980, which I will certainly be posting from time to time.  Those 80’s clothes were certainly something else…

But today I’m only bringing you two months back in my past for some outdoor art I found in Pana, IL during my monthlong sojourn to the heartland.  According to this website (the only mention I found online), it was painted in 2000 as a way to brighten up the community.  No other explanation is found, particularly for the strange 3 cent lemonade stand in the center.  Oh well, it was a welcome surprise during a monotonous day of driving, and I hope it brightens your day just a bit too.