Today’s food post is about a big event that happened this week: New Years! For the big day, er, night, we went to a nearby tapas restaurant called Jaleo. Anyone who knows José Andres’s restaurants will probably know this one, as I’m fairly certain it’s his flagship. Anyway, they had a New Years Eve tasting menu and we decided, why not? So, here’s a bit of the offerings that evening.

First we have the decadence course, I mean an oyster topped with caviar.


Then we have the cones of deliciousness (cheese in one, salmon roe and cheese in the other). These were kind of my favorite.


And no over-the-top tasting menu would be complete without some lobster. This was so good…


And this wouldn’t be a proper meal without some kind of dessert, so I bring you chocolate mousse! (However, the flan was better…)


And finally, we end the night with 12 grapes, the traditionally Spanish was to ring in the new year, and a glass of cava.


Happy New Year!