Welcome back from the holidays everyone. I hope your days were filled with gingerbread and sugar plums!

Today I wanted to write about a website (and app) I rediscovered over the weekend: Tripit. I had downloaded it about a year ago, but didn’t quite get what was good about it. However, I am now a convert.

Tripit tracks your flights and car rentals and hotel reservation and anything else you reserve for vacation. It even keeps my Amtrak tickets for me (not sure what happens when I reschedule them, but I’ll let you all know). You can either enter the details by hand or forward the confirmation emails and Tripit will fill in everything for you. Plus, you can share details with other people by email or share it with other Tripit members, so it won’t get lost in your email.

tripit 1

I had the chance to use it this weekend, when I went to Detroit. One round trip flight and a car rental later, I’m very happy with it! There was a link in the app to check in for my flight, my confirmation number was right there (helpful at the airport too!) and the car rental place’s address and phone number were easily accessible (good for when I lost a pair of gloves and when I needed to return the car). So I’m intending to keep all my trip info in there from now on!


After finally using it, I must say I’m a tripit convert.  Does anyone else use Tripit? What do you think of it?