This blog is about all the things I love to do: travel and make crafts/art. Occasionally I sneak something else in, like my love of all things Harry Potter and some academic research (and that sometimes overlaps with the traveling bits). I think future travel will likely bring another South American trip and one to Southeast Asia….  I’m also trying to get a bit more organized this year, so I think I’ll try to post crafty things on Mondays, Things from the Internet on Wednesdays, random travel pictures on Thursdays, food posts on Fridays, and larger travel posts on Saturdays or Sundays.

One last thing: unless I cite a picture or prose from another site, all images and writing are mine (or Tom’s used with permission). It’s fine if you want to re-use pictures on your own blog or whatever, but they must be cited and linked back here.  Thanks!

Yeah, that’s about it. Enjoy!