Here’s a collection of all my posts on food: what I’ve cooked/baked, what I’ve eaten, and what I’ve only drooled over. It’s a work in progress, so please excuse the dust…

Food I’ve made:
Chocolate Pear Cake, Thanksgiving after the madness
Apple Honey Challah, Challah!
Maple Nutmeg Sugar Bears + Duck, Sugar bears (and a feast!)
Mrs. Julia Child’s Onion Soup

Food I’ve eaten:
Brandy Ice Cream, Normandy
Peruvian Food, Food
Chocolat a l’Africain, Secrets of Paris
Cheese Fondue, Oh the Swiss…
Guinness, 4 Hours in Dublin
Fried Artichoke, Jewish Quarter – Rome
Anzac biscuits, Sea Kayaking Near Cairns
Red velvet cupcakes, Happy Halloween!
More Peruvian Food
Route 66 Part 2: The Food
Maple Nutmeg Sugar Bears + Duck, Sugar bears (and a feast!)
Awkward pictures of me eating
Fries in Brussels
Philadlephia Food trucks
Israeli “shesek”
Israeli Food Part 1: Shwarma and Falafel (May 2012)
Israeli Food Part 2: Baked Goods (May 2012)
Picture of the Day: Bedouin Feast (May 2012)
Israeli Food Part 3: Israeli Candy (May 2012)
Noble Rot, Portland, Oregon (July 2012)
Restaurant Week Part 1

Food I want to eat:
Argentinian beef and other meats
The best baguette in the world
Pierre Herme macarons (already have, but if possible I could eat them every day for the rest of my life)
Pho in Vietnam