During my recent trip to Buenos Aires, we went on a couple adventures: a soccer match, a tango show, and Argentinian food trucks, to name a few. However, no trip to BA would be complete without a visit to Eva Perón’s grave. Eva Perón was the First Lady of Argentina by her husband Juan Perón, in the forties and fifties. But Evita, an actress/singer who was an illegitimate child from rural Argentina, was so beloved that her official title given after her death was the Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina (one she keeps to this day). And if you want to know more, watch Evita, the movie/musical about her life where she’s played by Madonna.

So, given her ridiculous popularity in Argentina, a visit to her grave at Recoleta cemetery was a must.



It was a surprisingly low-key grave, only part of a larger family grave (you can see her small Evita marker below, and another one that says Eva Perón).




Happy First of February! Welcome back to Foodie Fridays! It’s been a while, so I thought I’d give this a New Year boost and talk about one of my favorite hidden secrets in Philly: the Vietnamese restaurants of South Philly.

If you drive around on Washington between about 11th and Broad, you’ll see a couple of Vietnamese restaurants, including the famous Pho 75 (not a favorite) and Pho Ha (the boyfriend’s favorite pho place… But hidden between a party hall and a grocery store, around 11th and Washington, you’ll find this gem, Nam Phuong.


There aren’t many places me and the boyfriend agree on in terns of Vietnamese, since he loves pho and I’m not a fan (especially now that I’m not eating meat), while I tend to like vermicelli dishes. My one exception being this place, where I get the eggplant with garlic sauce. Mmm…


Look at all the rice! This is actually eggplant with lemongrass and was a little spicier, but as should happen at a favorite restaurant, I loved it almost as much. Plus I got peppers! I would have gotten a pic of the boyfriend with his pho, but he finished before I even had the chance! Also, they make one delicious vegetarian summer roll. Unlike most rolls, there isn’t way too much lettuce to battle with.

In conclusion, just go and get pretty much anything and you’ll be happy. Enjoy!

Today’s picture comes from my current vacation in Utah. Well, it’s somewhere between a vacation and going home to see the parents, since they recently moved there. Anyway, yesterday was too snowy to see anything, but today it let up and we got to see the mountains in the background. Enjoy!


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