[updated through January 11, 2013]

Here I think is a good place to organize which posts I have for each of the places I’ve blogged about. That way, you can easily access certain trips (or I guess have a better idea of where I’ve gone). On this page I have a list of the countries I’ve been to, each divided into cities and the posts I’ve written about each. If you think this should be organized in a better way (I’m looking at you, Mom), let me know.

Route 66 Part 1: The Sights (April 2011)
Route 66 Part 2: The Food (April 2011)
Picture of the Day: Harry Potter statue (July 2005)
Where should I go next week? – picture from San Francisco trip (July 2005)
Vegas, Baby! (December 2011)
Viva Las Vegas! (December 2011)
Lions and Tigers and Lemurs, Oh My! (March and July, 2010)
Ann Arbor in the Fall (various dates)
Baltimore Aquarium (January 2012)
Food Trucks – Philadelphia (January 2012)
Cherry Blossoms – DC (April 2010)
Chicago, my kind of town (various dates)
View of the US Naval Observatory at Night (June 2012)
Picture of the Day: Fireworks Over the Mall (July 2012)
Picture of the Day: International Rose Test Garden (July 2012)
An Afternoon with the Nats (August 2012)
Noble Rot, Portland, Oregon (July 2012)
Movies in the Park – Washington DC (August 2012)
Picture of the Day: Pacman on the Big Screen – Washington, DC (August 2012)
Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Washington, DC (July 2012)
Picture of the Day: Tubing in West Virginia (July 2012)
Picture of the Day: Relaxing in the Columbia River Gorge (July 2012)
Horses on Assateague Island (September 2012)
Me and Honest Abe (October 2012)
Girard, IL (October 2012)
Organ at the Church of Christ Scientist, Chicago, IL (October 2012)
Gino’s East, Chicago, IL (October 2012)
Tribune Tower (October 2012)
Sunset outside Saint Louis (October 2012)
Del’s Popcorn Shop (October 2012)
Mural in Pena, IL (October 2012)

Ponte Vecchio (June 2006)
Picture of the Day – The World Cup (June 2006)
Jewish Quarter – Rome (June 2006)
Picture of the Day: Lamborghini Police (June 2006)

Oh the Swiss (June 2006)
La Mer, au Ciel d’été Confond (June 2006)

Strasbourg 2003 (July 2003)
Eze and Monaco (June 2006)
The city of light (January 2007)
Walk like a Parisian (January 2007)
Tom’s visit (January 2007)
Fontainebleau and Château de Cély (January 2007)
A night at the opera (January 2007)
Some of the museums (February 2007)
Living it up in chateau country! (February 2007)
Strasbourg (February 2007)
Picture of the week (March 2007)
My parents’ trip to Paris (March 2007)
Whitney’s trip! (March 2007)
Normandy (March 2007)
Spring break and my “dossiers” (April 2007)
Disneyland (May 2007)
Avignon (July 2009)
Ancient Southern France (July 2009)
Luxembourg Gardens (May 2010)
The Roland Garros (May 2010)
Strasbourg continued… (July 2003)

Picture of the Day: Fries in Brussels (June 2006)

Belated Barcelona post (April 2007)

Aussieland (June 2007)
Great Barrier Reef (June 2007)
Sea Kayaking near Cairns (June 2007)

I made it! (June 2008)
Sightseeing (June 2008)
Some pictures! (June 2008)
Old Summer Palace
(June 2008)
An amusing tale (July 2008)
Class time + my adventures as an English speaker in China (July 2008)
A truly beautiful day in Beijing + Bookworm (July 2008)
Pictures galore (some even with blue sky) (July 2008)
Funny language barrier of the day (July 2008)
Sidewalks (or lack thereof) (July 2008)
The Shichahai Lakes at Night (July 2008)
Tienamen Square Statue (June 2008)

Puerto Rico
Random Picture of the Day (March 2009)

Athens (August 2009)
(August 2009)

4 Hours in Dublin (July 2006)
6 Hours in London (August 2009)

From 11,000 feet (May 2011)
Picture! (May 2011)
Machu Picchu (May 2011)
Fun with Animals (May 2011)
Fellow Hikers (May 2011)
Top of the mountain! (May 2011)
Food (May 2011)
Rafting outside Cuzco (May 2011)
Sacred Valley part 1 (May 2011)
Cuzco (May 2011)
The 12-sided stone (May 2011)
More Peruvian Food (May 2011)
No a la corrupcion! (May 2011)
Sacred Valley part 2: Chinchero (May 2011)

Golan Heights to DC (May 2012)
Shesek (May 2012)
Israeli Food Part 1: Shwarma and Falafel (May 2012)
Israeli Food Part 2: Baked Goods (May 2012)
Picture of the Day: Bedouin Feast (May 2012)
Israeli Food Part 3: Israeli Candy (May 2012)
Hirbet Midras and Happy Father’s Day (May 2012)
Masada at Sunrise (May 2012)

Sunsets in Puerto Vallerta (December 2006)
Trimming the Tree – picture from Puerto Vallerta (December 2006)

Viva River Plate! (December 2012)
La Brigada (December 2012)
Argentinian Tango (December 2012)
Mall Ceiling in Argentina (December 2012)
Vegetarian food at Artemisia (December 2012)
Taxi Driver Memorial (December 2012)