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During my recent trip to Buenos Aires, we went on a couple adventures: a soccer match, a tango show, and Argentinian food trucks, to name a few. However, no trip to BA would be complete without a visit to Eva Perón’s grave. Eva Perón was the First Lady of Argentina by her husband Juan Perón, in the forties and fifties. But Evita, an actress/singer who was an illegitimate child from rural Argentina, was so beloved that her official title given after her death was the Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina (one she keeps to this day). And if you want to know more, watch Evita, the movie/musical about her life where she’s played by Madonna.

So, given her ridiculous popularity in Argentina, a visit to her grave at Recoleta cemetery was a must.



It was a surprisingly low-key grave, only part of a larger family grave (you can see her small Evita marker below, and another one that says Eva Perón).




Today’s picture comes from my recent trip to Argentina. On the small area of Puerto Madero, there isn’t have much more than new skyscrapers and an ecological reserve. But it has two things: food trucks and a taxi driver memorial. I’ll talk about the food trucks in another post, but I came across this memorial on the way to the ecological reserve (which isn’t open on Tuesdays). If anyone can find what this is, I would love to know! Like everything else, the sign was in Spanish and I didn’t understand a word.

Well, without further ado, the taxi statue of Buenos Aires!


artemisia1What one food is Argentina known for?  Meat, meat, and more meat.  Well really, I’d say beef, steaks in particular.  And I’ve already talked about that.  But today, I’m going to take a short detour and talk about the one vegetarian restaurant I went to in Buenos Aires.  It was a place that even the boyfriend, a voracious carnivore, loved!  So I’d say it’s worthy of mention here.  This first picture here is of me before the beautiful dinner of vegetarian deliciousness that set in just a few minutes later.  This place is called Artemisia and their menu is right on their website.

Since I’m with someone who has been described as having two wooden legs, we got quite a few things and therefore a bunch of pictures.   The boy can eat!  Anyway, we started off with a platter of everything but the kitchen sink.  From what I recall, there were quinoa fritters and vegetable “ceviche” and guacamole and other delicious things.


Then, one of the most delicious part of the meal: the ginger lemonade.  Oh man, was that stuff good!  And we almost forgot, but saw a large group of women order many bottles of wine and this and knew we had to get it.  It was totally worth it…  And if you can see him eating beyond the lemonade, I think he got the “polenta lasagna.”

And finally, the “salmon ravioli.”  Before looking at the picture below, think about what you think that would mean.

Ok, now look:






Yes, that’s right: the salmon is the “pasta” part surrounding the wild rice.  Yeah, I was definitely a little surprised when this sucker showed up on my plate.  I guess it’s low in carbs?  Regardless, it was delicious and if I can ever figure out how to replicate it, I will be doing just that.

Anyway, those are all the pictures I have from our delicious dinner at Artemisia and if any of you go to Buenos Aires in the close future, I hope you all will visit (and not be turned away by the fact that it’s a vegetarian restaurant in meat country).  Well, that’s all tuckered me out, come by the site this weekend for some more pictures from my travels!



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