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Today’s picture comes from my current vacation in Utah. Well, it’s somewhere between a vacation and going home to see the parents, since they recently moved there. Anyway, yesterday was too snowy to see anything, but today it let up and we got to see the mountains in the background. Enjoy!



Welcome back everyone from the long Christmas weekend!  I hope you ate lots of goodies and opened many presents and are relaxed, as the holidays should make you.  During my Christmas weekend, I got a set of digitized old family pictures from my mom dating back to 1980, which I will certainly be posting from time to time.  Those 80’s clothes were certainly something else…

But today I’m only bringing you two months back in my past for some outdoor art I found in Pana, IL during my monthlong sojourn to the heartland.  According to this website (the only mention I found online), it was painted in 2000 as a way to brighten up the community.  No other explanation is found, particularly for the strange 3 cent lemonade stand in the center.  Oh well, it was a welcome surprise during a monotonous day of driving, and I hope it brightens your day just a bit too.


As this post appears on the internet, I will be at the dentist, getting ready for my teeth to be cleaned, so I thought it only fitting that I would write about the gooiest, most cavity-creating thing I could.  So, why not write about sweets, particularly those covered in caramel?  Well, as I’ve said before, I was in Central Illinois for October for research. I left this past Tuesday to visit the parents in the north suburbs of Chicago, but while I was in farm country, I traveled all over to find people to interview.  One day, my travels brought me to Decatur, Illinois. By the way, if anyone goes there, the lady at the travelers bureau is super nice and will send you to all the best places in Decatur. That’s how I found myself walking around downtown Decatur and happened upon the original Del’s Popcorn Shop.

When I walked inside, there were cases and cases of candy and chocolates everywhere inside this cramped little store, and a gigantic popcorn maker.  There’s even a second room to the store, but I wasn’t entirely sure about how to get over there, so I just took a picture of the display in the window…

They had tons of delicious candies and chocolates. I had to get myself a caramel apple, though, because they just looked so good. I picked a double dipped apple, which had so much caramel! It was delicious. Here’s a few pictures of that epic caramel apple, which I saved for later that night when I got back home. Mmm…

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