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During my recent trip to Buenos Aires, we went on a couple adventures: a soccer match, a tango show, and Argentinian food trucks, to name a few. However, no trip to BA would be complete without a visit to Eva Perón’s grave. Eva Perón was the First Lady of Argentina by her husband Juan Perón, in the forties and fifties. But Evita, an actress/singer who was an illegitimate child from rural Argentina, was so beloved that her official title given after her death was the Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina (one she keeps to this day). And if you want to know more, watch Evita, the movie/musical about her life where she’s played by Madonna.

So, given her ridiculous popularity in Argentina, a visit to her grave at Recoleta cemetery was a must.



It was a surprisingly low-key grave, only part of a larger family grave (you can see her small Evita marker below, and another one that says Eva Perón).




Today’s picture comes from my current vacation in Utah. Well, it’s somewhere between a vacation and going home to see the parents, since they recently moved there. Anyway, yesterday was too snowy to see anything, but today it let up and we got to see the mountains in the background. Enjoy!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I discovered two weeks ago, I actually have very few pictures from China on this site.  And it’s about time to fix that!

Today I thought I’d actually show some pictures from when I decided to go wandering around Beijing and ended up in the Forbidden City!  Well, it was planned, I didn’t exactly stumble upon a giant complex in the middle of town with a large tomb placed in front of it and the swarms of people waiting to get inside.  Kind of hard to miss…


Anyway, I used the subways system to get there (no small feat when literally everything is in a language you don’t know).  My stop was Wudaoku (I can say that fairly well) and the picture from the station is the first one, right there in the upper left.  Good thing everything is also in latin characters, like in this map of the subway system they had in the cars.



We must have switched lines at some point, because Wudaoku isn’t up there on the picture, but “Qienmen” or Tienamen is, right at the bottom.  Oh, and the Forbidden City?  That red picture in the middle…

Anyway, I made it there, and here is photographic proof.



Yes, I was listening to music.  When you can’t understand what people are saying around you almost at all times, it’s nice to have a little English in the background…

I might have written about this before (not sure if I have…), but one tradition when you enter the Forbidden City is to rub the gold circles on the red door.  Not sure why they do this, but everyone was doing it.



And I think they were kind of having fun doing it.  If anyone knows why you do this, please let me know!

Inside the City was a whole different story: tiny rivers, huge buildings, and sculptures of lions and other animals everywhere!






I’m not entirely sure where these pictures were taken inside of the complex (and it is a very large complex), but you can guess based on my “map.”  Not quite a map, more like my audio guide.  Thank goodness it didn’t have only Chinese characters!  I would have not been happy…  Not only did it have English, but it was a picture of the whole area.  Well done Forbidden City!



And that’s about all I have.  Hope you liked my pictures from the Forbidden City!

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